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S. T.

Even though I am a caregiver of a father with Parkinson's disease, the feelings that you expressed about your Mom brought tears to my eyes. These are the same feelings that I am experiencing as I watch this disease change the father I once knew into a different person. Thank you for validating that it is o.k. for my heart to ache and that it is o.k. to grieve the loss of this person but at the same time, to pick yourself up and to arm yourself with all the information you need to help care for them. I have learned to meet him where he is at and to treasure the time that we do have together.

C. B.

I will not hesitate to refer this site to my clients. I imagine that most people who visit this site will be seeking information because they are scared, angry, sad (or all three) as a result of the effects of dementia somehow in their lives.

C. W.

I like the suggestion to try different approaches. Some work and some don't depending on the individual. Also glad it was mentioned to let some things go and to not be too hard on yourself!

J. C.

Informative and heartfelt...

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